Publisher DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-54414-0_4
Title: Balancing Security : A Moving Target
Language: English (United States)
Authors: Voskobojnikov, Artemij 
Skwarek, Volker  
Mashatan, Atefeh 
Matsuo, Shin’Ichiro 
Rowell, Chris 
Weingärtner, Tim 
Editor: Lemieux, Victoria L. 
Feng, Chen 
Issue Date: 5-Jan-2021
Publisher: Springer
Book title: Building Decentralized Trust
This volume brings together a multidisciplinary group of scholars from diverse fields including computer science, engineering, archival science, law, business, psychology, economics, medicine and more to discuss the trade-offs between different “layers” in designing the use of blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for social trust, trust in data and records, and trust in systems. Blockchain technology has emerged as a solution to the problem of trust in data and records, as well as trust in social, political and economic institutions, due to its profound potential as a digital trust infrastructure. Blockchain is a DLT in which confirmed and validated sets of transactions are stored in blocks that are chained together to make tampering more difficult and render records immutable. This book is dedicated to exploring and disseminating the latest findings on the relationships between socio-political and economic data, record-keeping, and technical aspects of blockchain.
ISBN: 978-3-030-54413-3
Institute: Forschungs- und Transferzentrum Digitale Wirtschaftsprozesse 
Fakultät Life Sciences 
Type: Chapter (Book)
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