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Title: Meeting the challenges of sustainability in global supply chains with a special reference to conflict minerals
Language: English
Authors: Harger, Saskia 
Keywords: Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability, Conflict Minerals, 3TG;Supply Chain Management;Sustainability;Supply Chain;Conflict Minerals;3TG
Issue Date: 27-May-2021
This bachelor thesis critically analyzes how sustainability can be accomplished in global
supply chains, facing various challenges such as complexities, implementation and
conformity issues, regulation and framework related deviations and difficulties in
transparency. In order to get a deeper understanding of what managing sustainability in
supply chains practically means this thesis refers to the sourcing of tin, tungsten, tantalum
and gold, known as 3TG. On the one hand, by looking at four sources it narrows the scope to
investigate down, makes sustainability approachable and thereby gives a good insight about
sustainability implications in a supply chain. On the other hand, those minerals are highly
significant for meeting today’s drive of digitalization. Tech companies such as Intel and
Fairphone claim to have managed a conflict free supply chain on product and portfolio level.
But also other players such as HP and Umicore have found systems to approach conflict
minerals. By looking at company examples recommendations can be derived. Therefore, this
thesis shows that despite the challenges of sustainability in supply chains, challenges can
only be met when there is a holistic supply chain management that considers complexity and
recognizes measurable criteria of sustainability in its entity. This makes this thesis valuable
for supply chain practitioners that want to achieve sustainability and for academics who strive
for further research on that field.
Institute: Department Wirtschaft 
Fakultät Wirtschaft und Soziales 
Type: Thesis
Thesis type: Bachelor Thesis
Advisor: Iken, Adelheid 
Referee: Butscher, Anke 
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