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Title: Modeling synchronization in human musical rhythms using Impulse Pattern Formulation (IPF)
Language: English
Authors: Linke, Simon 
Bader, Rolf 
Mores, Robert  
Issue Date: 6-Dec-2021
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When musicians perform in an ensemble, synchronizing to a mutual pace is the foundation of their musical interaction. Clock generators, eg, metronomes, or drum machines, might assist such synchronization, but these means, in general, will also distort this natural, self-organized, inter-human synchronization process. In this work, the synchronization of musicians to an external rhythm is modeled using the Impulse Pattern Formulation (IPF), an analytical modeling approach for synergetic systems motivated by research on musical instruments. Nonlinear coupling of system components is described as the interaction of individually propagating and exponentially damped impulse trains. The derived model is systematically examined by analyzing its behavior when coupled to numerical designed and carefully controlled rhythmical beat sequences. The results are evaluated by comparison in the light of other publications on tapping. Finally, the IPF model can be applied to analyze the personal rhythmical signature of specific musicians or to replace drum machines and click tracks with more musical and creative solutions.
Institute: Fakultät Design, Medien und Information 
Department Medientechnik 
Type: Preprint
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