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Titel: What Global Management can Learn from Indonesian and Japanese Business Practices: A Critical Analysis
Sprache: Englisch
Autorenschaft: Octora, Limyda Tetra 
Schlagwörter: global mindset;cross-cultural
Erscheinungsdatum: 2021
This master thesis analyses the importance of global mindset strategically in line with the increased challenge and importance of global management as well as analyses the various issues surrounding internal business practices in Indonesia and Japan and their relationships with international firms as well as the commonalities and differences between the two. The main theoretical approaches considered here were by Hofstede and House et al. (GLOBE-Study or GLOBE-project) supported by Ronen and Shenkar (global clustering or cultural compass) and other literature sources to strengthen these cross-cultural theories’ findings. The broad areas covered here are leadership, decision-making and negotiation in Indonesia and Japan by providing alternative viewpoints on how to achieve success when dealing with both countries. Exposing readers to a local perspective on doing business and/or working in teams with Indonesians and Japanese, is a valuable resource for, global managers, researchers and students or scholars as well as practitioners of management studies across the globe.
Einrichtung: Department Wirtschaft 
Fakultät Wirtschaft und Soziales 
Dokumenttyp: Abschlussarbeit
Abschlussarbeitentyp: Masterarbeit
Hauptgutachter*in: Iken, Adelheid 
Gutachter*in der Arbeit: Boll, Stephan 
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