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Change of the authentication procedure after cyber attack

Due to the cyber attack, the authentication procedure had to be changed. New submissions and changes to your own profile are now possible by logging in via ORCID iD or a "local" account.

If you already use an ORCID iD and had it stored in your REPOSIT profile (also called Researcher Profile (RP)) before the cyber attack, you can simply log in. You can find more information about this on our HAW Hamburg website (german).

If you do not have an ORCID iD or would like to log in via a local account, please contact openscience@haw-hamburg.de. Upon your request, we will then arrange for your account to be converted.

REPOSIT itself has not been the target of the attack, all data is safe and available. The service only had to be taken offline for security reasons. This means that the access to the documents (such as articles, theses, research data, etc.) is fully possible again.

However, as not all the necessary configuration work has been completed yet, there may be occasional outages and delays. At the moment you will also receive automatic e-mails from the Posteo haw.reposit@posteo.de - we are already in contact with the ITSC about this.

We will continue to inform you about changes and adjustments under our university page as well as on the REPOSIT homepage. In urgent cases, you can contact openscience@haw-hamburg.de.


Betaphase REPOSIT

The new REPOSIT(orium) of Hamburg University of Applied Sciences for publications, research data and research information is currently still under development. At the moment, the collection "Publications without full text(files)" (formerly "Publication Database") of HAW Hamburg and document server with the published theses (diploma, bachelor and master theses) of the students of HAW Hamburg are available for you.

The individual upload of data and documents as well as the creation of datasets is not yet activated for all members of Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, but will be possible in the near future.

REPOSIT is based on the open source software solution DSpace and the extension DSpace-CRIS. The Hamburg University of Technology provides the hosting and the support is carried out in cooperation with the The Carl von Ossietzky State and University Library Hamburg.

We are looking forward to your comments on the adaptation and improvement of this website's usability and design. If you have any questions, please contact openscience@haw-hamburg.de.